about the copywriter

My unparalleled ability to write effective fashion and beauty copy is derived from my innate creative writing aptitude and professional experience in visual merchandising, photo styling and designing domestically and internationally for a Fifth Avenue showroom.

I obtained my BS in Business and studied Creative Writing at NYU and Fashion Design, Drawing, Beauty and Photo Styling at FIT as well as Parsons. The marriage of my education, writing ability and real-world fashion/beauty experience enables me to communicate seamlessly with my retail clients in an effort to help them achieve their financial and branding goals via compelling copy.

As a visual writer with an extensive knowledge of fashion, I craft distinctive copy expressed in a voice reflective of brand. Via my writing, I create an artistic atmosphere of pleasure and immediate gratification for consumers while simultaneously reinforcing brand and retailer identity. Repeat business from consumers is indicative of successful brand absorption which leads to a bond that fosters familiarity. Soon, established relationships develop along with a growing devotion and loyalty to a consumer’s favorite retailer.

When creating innovative fashion copy, be it women’s wear, men’s wear, beauty, jewelry, gift or home and through whichever means of delivery my message is transported, digitally, in-store or in the millions of catalogues my product names, editorials, copy blocks, taglines and headlines appear, on point information engages and educates readers while entertaining them. The same holds true for all other venues featuring my copy such as: store events, e-mail blasts, invites, trend forecasts, direct marketing, window campaigns, hangtags, press materials, presentations, new department launches, blogs and more.

As an established, illustrative wordsmith and stylistic storyteller, ardently dedicated to the fashion industry, I activate senses and enhance visual images with my writing as I teach, tempt and tantalize consumers as I spin words into profits